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I have a Pontiac G8. I am going to use the stock HU. I have the following equipment.

JL Audio 250/1 Mono amp
Tru S44 4 channel amp
AudioControl LC7
Diamond Audio Hex (before they went downhill)
JL 12w3 v2 sub

Stock setup: The HU runs the fronts components and the rear coaxes, the OEM sub runs the 2 8" subs. The front tweeters are running off the same wiring as the front speakers and have "bass blockers" on them. The subs are running off the rear speaker cabling. The rear speaker cabling goes into the OEM sub, but is not powered by the sub.

I ran 4 sets of quad speaker cables. 2 sets for the fronts/rears from the HU to the trunk. I ran 2 sets from the trunk to the HU. 2 sets out to the LC7 and 2 sets back from the 4 channel amp. I ran new speaker wire directly to the tweeters. Here is where I am confused. The cabling for the rear speakers runs into the OEM amplifier, but I didn't know that until I had already cut and ran the rears from the HU. Regardless, I now have the cabling for the fronts and rears coming straight off the HU to the trunk. Here are my questions that I desperately need answered quickly as my car is torn in pieces and I need to finish it up tomorrow morning.

I am going to run my front components and bridge the Tru S44. The rear speaker leads are full frequency. Do I just hook those two channels into the LC7's line level speaker inputs or is 1 channel ok?

I'm really confused how to hook the stock cabling up. In the future I will be hooking up some coaxes in the rear doors so I will need the rear speaker leads for that as well or if it's better I can hook them off the DA Hex crossovers in the Rear Audio Fill. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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