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Hey guys, I know its been a while since our last build log. :) I went on vacation and Joey has been focusing on getting the GT-R project done.

I actually did this build about two weeks ago, but only just got time now to post it up :)

The vehicle is a 2013 Volkswagen Gti, and this is a good example of a pretty basic level active SQ install from us. The goals were relatively simple

1. Attain a good level of SQ utilizing stock locations and oem headunit and a reasonable budget

2. maintain a totally stealthy appearance in the interior

3. retain virtually all cargo storage space in the hatch

lets get started.

first, as with almost all of our builds, Joey fabricated a metal mounting bracket to house a stinger fuse block. Since this car had a carbonio intake already, it left us with a ton of room infront of the battery for this purpose, and here you can see the finished product bolted via stock hardware and locations:

The stock signal source was retained, and from my past experience in dealing with the Dynaudio setup, i know the headunit outputs a pretty flat signal devoid of much dynamic EQing at the headunit...we added a bass control knob in a blank panel infront of the shifter:

for the front stage we went with a set of Illusion audio Luccent L6 6.5" two way components. it is slightly cheaper than the carbon set, and still allows easy fitment to the restrictive doors of the MKVI Gti. I also want to mention that our third man Jesse, aka Killahsharksjc did most of the work on the interior, running wires, mounting speakers, and also molding the fiberglass subbox. He did a great job and with us inspecting things along the way, came out great! :D

but also keep in mind that his picture taking routine is not quite the same as mine, so a few are missing and some are taken from different angles than my norm hahaha

first, the door panel was taken off:

then he fabricated two spacer rings, coated them with truck bedliner to protect them from the elements, and bolted them to the stock mounting plate:

next, new speaker wires were run into the door, two pairs each door, one going to behind the speaker, the other through the factory grommet up to the tweeter:

the luccent midbass was then mounted securely in the door:

a bit of sound proofing was placed around the speaker both on the door panel side and on the door card side:

the luccent's tweeters had their grilles removed, and then secured to the stock location sail panels:

so thats it for the front stage, simple and straightforward. next are a few pics of the wiring bundle as it goes from the front to the back of the car. because it is tucked into a channel below the door sill most of the way, you cant see too much:

the bundles gets seprated and reorganized under the back seat before going into the hatch area:

moving onto the trunk. as mentioned, the idea is to retain virtually all the cargo space available, and to that end, here is the view with everything buttoned up, two large cutouts are at the front and rear of the fake floor, and the entire floor has been raised only about the thickness of the wood.

pop off the covers and here is what you see. upfront, i built another shallow storage area for him to keep cables, towels and other misc stuff, and in the back, we have a single illusion audio carbon c12 shallow subwoofer, flanked by a pair of Arc Audio KS amps, a 300.4 powers the front stage actively with 4x90s watts, while the ks300.2 sends 700 watts to the C12. everything is trimmed in red vinyl:

again, simple and functional :)

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moving onto the build pics of the hatch. first Jesse stripped the area bare:

then the well area was completely sound proofed with STP bomb mat:

then the area was taped off:

the bottom baffle of the sub enclosure was cut out and laid onto the tape and the backside of the board was covered with foam to prevent rattling against metal:

then the whole area was protected with more tape and plastic sheeting:

then half a dozen or more layers of fiberglass mat was laid down to form the spare tire well enclosure:

then that was cured, Jesse pulled it out, removed the protecting tape and cloth, and test fitted the enclosure:

I then installed four rivet nuts into the floor to act as mounting points for the enclosure, and everyting else in the car secures to the enclosure itself:

the enclosure was then trimmed, sanded and prepped:

I slapped a top onto the enclosure and then secured it inside the car. at this point, the spacers, sub mounting baffles were attached, vinyl applied where needed, and the equipment installed and wired up. here you see the mosconi 4to6DSP processor located at the front of the box next to the right side amp, all the wires were neatly bundled and secured to the car every few inches:

the processor is the reason why the storage bin is stepped up on the passenger side, here are the two parts of the bin separate, then carpeted and secured together:

and then the bin was secured to the vehicle:

here is the main cosmetic trim panel before and after vinyl:

here is the main top floor before and after carpet:

and the two covers, one solid and one breathable, before and after carpeting:

so thats it, a very basic project. the sound is pretty good. center image is pretty well focused with the height being a few inches above the dash, width is superb owning to the location of the tweeters, and the overall sound of the luccent is very pleasant. some of you may know this tweeter is pretty much the same as the ORIGINAL carbon tweeter from many years ago...and it retains the same signature, balanced with good detail and not harsh. the single c12 was chosen since the customer likes to listen to some bass heavy music; and listening to his tracks, it would be hard to imagine its a sub that is less than 3.5" deep weighing just a few points doing all the pounding and extending :D Overall, pretty darn happy with how this thing turned out as a (for us) a pretty basic SQ build.

now..back to work! Cheers!


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That makes two of us as when I was doing business earlier, a trip to Cali would be like a local bus ride. Having two daughters a wife, and a female dog at home limits how far off my leash I can go. :(

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Nice looking work... and website. Was checking out where Milpitas was located and was pleased to see it's very close to Mountain View. Have some friends in MV/Los Altos area and will try to check out your shop next time I'm in the Bay area. My buddies aren't into car audio, so it will take a nice lunch at Santana Row and a few cocktails to get them to pay you a visit. :)
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