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out of all the types of vehicles that we work on here at the shop, minivans are probably the most rare, infact, this perhaps is first one since I love to least the first one with a fully active SQ build.

The customer came to us after having a headunit installed at another shop and reported some issues, namely, the fit and finish was very poor on the dash kit, and the shop had managed to break off some of the components on the back of the unit trying to stuff it into the dash...he is also a music lover and thus the decision was made to do a simple SQ build for the van.

the vehicle is a 2014 Chrysler Town and Country, Jesse did basically the whole build and here are the goals:

1. to achieve a nice level of sound quality using stock locations

2. maintain a completely stealth appearance and retain all oem space in the cargo area

3. repair damage from previous shop and integrate the new headunit with the car's existing rear seat video system

lets get started:

the signal starts with a pioneer 8000NEX navigation headunit, we basically took it out, reinstalled it after fixing some stuff, and also fully organizing the wires so that the headunit would fit in the dash properly:

Using a idatalink Maestro RR adapter module, we were able to retain his factory rear view camera as well:

previously, the shop had installed one of the usb adapter plates in the front tray, however, because there was so little room behind the panel there, the usb plate was sitting out from the panel and looked horrible, the wires were also crunched big time behind it so and starting to tear out of the plate, so jesse fabricated a simple little spacer, and added an additional usb plug in its place:

here is a shot showing all the rear seat entertainment packages still working in conjunction with the new headunit and oem dvd player:

this is the only picture of the previous headunit install we took, the wiring behind it as we pulled it out from the dash, and it is followed by what it looks like after jesse got done with it:

for the front stage, we chose a set of Focal 165FX flax speakers. jesse fabricated some adapter spacer plates by routering off the oem speaker, coated the spacers with several layers of truck bedliner to protect them against the elements:

the spacers were then bolted to the door using oem mounting points and hardware, the outter door panel was also sound proofed with blackhole tiles, and new speaker wires were run into the door:

the FLAX midbass was then secured in place, while the rest of the door panel got some coverage with CLD damper:

the inside of the door card also received some CLD attention to help combat resonance:

the same steps were then repeated on the driver side:

the FLAX tweeters were mounted in the stock dash locations, and following the same procedure, jesse match routered some adapter plays off the stock speaker housing, painted them black so the raw wood color would not be visible through the grills, and then installed the tweeters into the mounting plates:

these were then bolted to the stock mounting points and wired up:

moving onto the amp and dsp rack. since we were under a strict space constraint, the real logical location for the amp and dsp was under the passenger seat. and here is the normal view with the seat in position for a 100 percent stealthy look:

duck lower and look under the seat, and you will see an arc audio xdiv2 1100.5 5 channel amplifier and a mosconi 4to6dsp side by side on a vinyl plate bolted to the floor:

Jesse started by trimming some of the factory carpet away and installing rivetnuts into the floor:

then, a three piece design was fabricated, and test fitted together:

then the top two pieces were wrapped in vinyl, and bolted together to the floor board. the amp and dsp were then installed and wired up:

thats leaves only the subwoofer left. since we were not allowed to take up any space in the back, the only solution is to replace the stock subwoofer in the oem enclosure. the customer actually had the previous shop install a polk 8" sub there, run off the stock sub amp, but it didnt really sound very good at all...part of the reason was the stock sub amp, but also, when we pulled out the enclosure, we noticed the sub was not sealed at all in the enclosure, and held on by 3 screws :)

so first jesse frabricated a new mounting baffle out of mdf to give the sub something solid to hold onto:

then, meticulously, he covered all the reachable areas inside the enclosure with CLD damper:

then, the new mounting baffle was bolted to the enclosure with nuts and bolts:

the inside filled with blackhole stuff:

and we installed a more powerful driver, the audiomobile elite 2208 subwoofer:

the entire structure was then bolted back into the van, this time sitting on a layer of focal bam XXXL to help isolate it from the metal wall:

and a lot of special attention was paid to all the big plastic panels in the back with sound proofing to help prevent rattle:

so thats it, a very straightforward but it carries with it quite a decent reward.

the stock location in this car works very well with the flax drivers, tonality is very smooth, natural, imaging does well in all aspects from depth, height, center image, even width was better than i expect being right at the pillars.

the little AM 8 gives the car a surprising amount of bass despite its size and the large interior volume it has to work with...with no real audible rattles coming from the stock enclosure....the customer wasnt looking for earthshaking bass either so i think it fits his desires perfectly.

I kinda wish we did more vans, because imo, most of them are really good sq platforms...maybe my next car will be a minivan :D

So thats a quick log for ya, enjoy.



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Wonderfully simple yet effective. I love it! Great job guys!

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Quick Log: 2014 Town and Country - Focal, Mosconi, Arc, AM - a Jesse Producti...

Yep, minivans are excellent SQ platforms! :)

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This is my vehicle and Bing and the guys did a spectacular job fixing the previous work.

The HU was, in fact, damaged by the previous installer and so I bought a new one and sent that one off for fixing at Pioneer.

Sound quality is stellar. If anyone in the area has a similar vehicle and wants to come audition the minivan - send me a PM.
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