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So I recently bought a Zuki Eleets Hybrid 5 channel amp from a forum member (I'm convinced I wasn't sold a faulty amp because I met the man in person and he's a standup guy) and installed it a couple days ago.

I've had noise in my car (such as a whine coming through the tweeters matching the rpm while driving down the highway) but this is different. It's coming from the literal amp itself, which is a first for me.

I turn on the car/ radio, let it run, and about five seconds after turning it on the amp starts making an awful electrical noise. It doesn't match the rpm or anything, but the loudness and sound fluctuates on its own accord. It sounds like the electricity running through it is just loud.

My question is two-fold: Could this simply be due to my ground wire being too long (about 2 feet from ground to distro block and another 3-4 feet from distro to amp using Kicker 4 gauge), or could this be due anything to the remote wire? My remote wire is hooked up to my fuse housing using a fuse extender on an accessory outlet.I have not tried disconnecting the remote wire and turning it on by splicing into the battery wire yet but I will tomorrow.

One more thing, the noise remains the same even with the rcas disconnected.
The only time that I can get it to shut up is turning off the car completely (the noise even exists when the key is in accessory mode).

Thanks for the help :)
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