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Quick safety check on wiring...

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I am moving my processor/loc to the trunk next to my amps and am wondering if I can put its power and ground directly into the inputs on one of my amps for its power and ground...

Since you can tap the amplifiers power wire then plugging it right into the amplifier to get its power and ground is fine too right?
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Amp normally use more power... But if your processor/loc only use <10amp, I guess it won't cause you much problems. But for long term, still make another connection is better.
my battery is right there in the trunk, next to my amps, but my amps are closer.

The loc only needs about 500ma to power itself, the wire is like 18 guage I think, they actually recommend tapping the amp wire so I figured it was okay.

Just don't want more ugly wires hanging off of my battery and its less exposed hooked up to my amp.

Thanks for the help just wanted to make sure I didn't damage anything.
Well, the only hazard I can think of is you may not have a proper grip on your smaller wire.
Use a fuse near the point you hook up the small power wire for the LOC.

If the case of the processor/loc is plastic you can hook up the ground wire at the amp too. You are done.

If the metal case of your processor/loc is a ground that connects to your ground wire I would not hook it directly to the amp ground. Test it with a meter on ohms. If there is a connection I would hook it to a body metal ground instead.

If the amp ground fails, the loc can become the ground. Imagine your amp trying to ground through the case of a loc running a 18ga ground wire!

You could always fuse the ground if your processor has a case ground and you insist on the connection at the amp terminals. Or you could mount the loc case to a non-conductive material, but that can be trickier than it seems.
I just hooked it up to the battery...didn't want to take any chances,I do have a fuse on it and it is a plastic case though.
I've done that before, I ran an Audio Control 24XS crossover into the power and ground inputs of a PPI A600.2. Never had an issue.
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