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It is in great shape and is 100% complete and functional. It includes the remote knob, cable and the instruction manual.

Real quickly for those of you that don't know what it does: It creates a true center, left and right channels by separating L+R signals and centered information and sends it to appropriate speakers rather than just summing the center and letting L+R play center information as well.

In most L, R, and center stereo setups the L and R channels cover the whole band including center information. Then you add a center which covers a summed signal meaning the whole signal of left, center and right. This causes obvious problems wih imaging.

The Model 11 separates the signal (the amount of separation and voume of the center channel is adjustable via the dash mounted knob). You have the L playing ONLY left information, the R playing ONLY right information and the center plays ONLY the center information.

One set of RCA's serve as input, the signal is then separated and fed out via L and R RCA's to your regular amplifier. The center information is fed to its own internal amplifier with speaker connections for your center channel speaker of choice. There is also a second set of RCA outputs that is a pass thru feeding out unprocessed, full range signal.

The end result: A true 2-seater car with unbeatable imaging/ staging where there is no compromise between driver and passenger staging/imaging.

$200 shipped

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You will be hard pressed to find one, but they do pop up every blue moon on e-bay. You can find an ESP-3 every blue moon as well, which does the same thing minus the amplifier section.
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