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what do do in my new Ride.
Here's what I have left over from my last system:

JL 300/4 (2 bad channels, would need fixed)
JL 300/2
JL 500/1

BNIB Pioneer TSC-720PRS components

2 Kicker S10D4 (Old school Solobarics)

Pioneer AVIC-F90BT


I would like to run 3 way up front, but not a requirement.

I am not against changing anything.

I'm leaning toward a new (fixed Bit One after the new boards come out) and my factory radio.

Or using the Bit one and the optical out of the F90.

I can't go any bigger than 10" subs.

I love 10W3V3's and have seen good results with 10W6's also.
I work for a JL Dealer, so I get amazing prices on their stuff.

I am half considering competing, or at least being in a position to do it at some point.

I'd like to keep my audio budget under $2500 overall.

The car is a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T Premium with the Infinty system.

What would you guys suggest?

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