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Hi guys, great forum, this is my fist post and my first venture to ever upgrade my car audio so please excuse my noobiness.

I have a 2010 Lexus IS 350C hard top convertible. I finally decided to upgrade the audio system. The audio system in their sedans are pretty good but the system in this car kinda sucks.

My primary concern is the sound quality when the roof is up, but would still like nice sound with the top down. I do like a little bit of the "surround sound" so would prefer to have rear speakers opposed to only fronts.

Working with the local car audio shop, we're part way through the upgrade with the following equipment installed...

JBL MS-8 Processor taking the high inputs from the factory amp and supplying the signal for the JL amp

JL XD750/5 Amp

JL C5-653 3-ways in the front, installed in the factory locations, using the supplied JL crossovers

My car came with 4" in the rears and no sub, however there is room for 6.5" 2-way components in the back and a 10" IB sub mounted behind the back seats. The installer said that he could only practically fit a 6" sub back there as the aftermarket ones have more depth and Lexus made an odd mount for their factory sub that would take a few hours to fabricate if we wanted anything larger.

The only other room in the car for a sub would be an 8" in a small enclosure that would sit at the opening of the trunk and take a lot of what little precious trunk space I have left when the top is down. It would be practically useless with the top down as the folded metal roof would block most of the sound before it ever got to the forward cabin.

My question to you experts is... what should I do with the rear speakers and sub to finish off the install and get amazing sound?

Some options I thought of are:

1. Put larger coax or components in the rear to get more of the mid-base in the vehicle and install a sub in the factory location. Will a 6" sub really be enough?

2. Install 2 6" subs where the factory rears go so I will still have lots of base in the car with the top down.

Any other thoughts are welcome as well. Much appreciated.


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