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Rec me a Head unit or another way to do this, please.

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The main things I care about in a head unit is high volt pre-outs, and right now I want a unit that's cheap and where I can set the 4 channels to act as midbass and midrange instead of front/rear. I want to be able to get my 2.5's running at 400hz-600hz or so and up, where an inline 12db crossover will take over to the tweeter that came with the 6.5's I just got for Christmas. On the other two channels, I want the 6.5's bandpassed from like 80 to wherever the midrange picks up (once I get my subs, they'll play from the midranges down for now).

I really just want the least expensive way to get up and running. I'm kinda broke right now. Every head unit I've seen only lets you high pass on the 4 channels from 30-250, or low pass from 250-30 on the sub channel, nothing above and no bandpassing. I don't have any money RN for a full build with DSP, amps, and subs, but I feel bad with these 6.5's sitting in the corner and a stock radio in my truck.

Any help or wisdom is appreciated aside from the obvious "get your money up" which I'm already trying to do.
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Pioneer DEH-S6220BS in your price range?
Yeah I can swing sub $200 if it'll run the 4 head unit channels highs and mids, and then output subs like normal. Do you think 4 volts is good enough on the pre-outs for the future when I expand to a DSP and dedicated amping or should I be picky and ask for 5v from the get-go?

I'm not opposed to getting a different head unit when I'm ready either, but I'm kinda lazy when it comes to doing something twice, so unless I suddenly really want android auto or a touch screen it'd be cool to stick with this head unit. PLUS I won't have to trim my dash bezel lips in order to fit a double-din.
4V is plenty, but feel free to be picky and shop around. It appears that quite a few, but all, Pioneer head units have this ability, including more advanced DSP functionality.
Just found a video on these pioneer things, and when using that mode you can only set HPF for the "highs" channel as low as 1.25k, and using the mids channel isn't much more useful. I'll have to buy an aftermarket crossover for my 2.5's either way.
your best and cheapest bet is indeed to build crossovers. there are plenty of resources online to help you, good luck, and ask if you have any questions
If I'm gonna do that and have all passive crossovers, shouldn't I look into a bridgable head unit or something that also has high built-in power?
more power is more better, but passive crossovers arent THAT big of a power sink, do you ever max out your hu as it is? keep in mind even a budget oriented reputable single din will push more power than the factory radio (depending on your vehicle). many aftermarket entry level single dins will do 22wrms, which is more than it sounds like when coupled to sensitive drivers
The ones I'm looking at for this are 14-18w RMS. And technically I don't max out my stock head unit, but it A doesn't sound great when I do and B it will auto-regulate its power and quiet down anytime the bass hits, so it's kinda pointless unless I turn down my bass setting, which I'm not gonna do because I needs me some bass.

But okay. I mean, I guess you're right either way since the 6.5+tweeter component speakers I have are only rated to like 35w RMS, and IDEFK what these 2.5's are rated to since I'm pulling them out of a cheapo home-theater system that the main unit no longer works. (they're 4ohm speakers, though, so I assume they'll work just the same. Speaker is speaker.)
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the pioneer's and kenwood's i looked at are CES-2006 rated 22WRMS
After dealing with two Kenwood HU's, I hereby VETO all Kenwood suggestions. Screw Kenwood and screw their worthless nonfunctioning required to do certain things DRM app.


That's about it unless there's some obscure brand that does the REAAALLY high-end shiznit over $1000
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