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I need to upgrade my hands free mic. Well, I dont HAVE to but mine is the low quality (IMO) mic than came with my hands free blue tooth module that connects to my AVIC-D3. Everyone I talk to says they hate talking to me when I use it while driving.

The mic is placed directly in front of my on my visor (right at the top of windshield glass).

I suspect that almost any mic will do, but I am not certain. What I am after is the absolute best performance that you are aware of or already use. Cost is of zero issue.

Once I get a few suggestions/recommendations I will ask a few questions and take it from there.

I have Googled mics, but I only seem to come back to the same mic I have...I think I need better search parameters....but I am not sure what to use (souds lame I know...but true).

I have considered Behringer mics, but they are very long and I am not sure they will fit.

For now, dont worry about the size....I am just hoping someone has one they really like and can recommend.

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