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I need 3! On a shopping spree! 1 for my Xterra, 1 for my friend's maxima, 1 for my friend's sister's Escape.

For me: -
Budget < $300 (new or old - probably old because my budget is so low for what I want)
Looking for : - Aux in, USB, digital radio built in, double din. time delay adjustments, (graphics eq? Crossovers?)
It will be part of a system with 2 way components (1.5" on dash and 6.5" in doors)in the front, 2 or 3 ways coaxial for the rear doors. 10-12" sub in the back. So probably powered by a 6.1 amp or 4.0 + 2.1 or something like that.

Should I have the crossovers at the HU or AMPs?

For my friend and sister: -
Budget $100 - $200, cheaper the better. (new or old)
Looking for - Aux in, USB, Ipod/itouch,
Will use with 10" sub + factory(for now) speakers front and rear.
single din for friend and double din for sister.

I know what I am looking for is pretty standard (except the digital radio) especially for my friend, and there are tons of options out there, thats why i'd like to hear from you experts on which ones stand out in terms of sound quality etc.

and just as a side question, I was just wondering, if you can have anything you want, which HU would you want? Whats the best you can get?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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