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Hey guys, I've just purchased a number of parts and don't have anything to wire them up with. Looking for some recommendations.

I have a Pioneer HU, DEH-P800PRS, and I just ordered the Sundown SAX-100.4D and after hearing them, the Pioneer TS-C720PRS components. I'll run the speakers active alone for now, but I'll eventually add a sub with a class D amp--haven't decided on what. So 400WRMS from a class A/B and later I expect another ~600WRMS from a class D. I'd like to just run everything all at once while I have the car torn apart.

I found Monster RCAs on the classifieds, but I still need a lot of wiring. I don't want to pay a ton for it, but I don't want to bring in noise or corrosion issues by cheaping out--I'll gladly spend just enough to get rid of those problems.

Here's what I think I need:

Main power wire - 2 gauge, 1/0 would be fine, est. 15'-18'
Distribution block to amp power wire - 4 gauge, est 3'
Ground wire - Probably 4 gauge, est 3'-6'
Speaker wire - 14-16 ga, prefer braided, probably 4x ~15'

Battery connection block (something that wont corrode the battery to hell)
Fuse block & fuse
Distribution block (for now just to drop the power wire to manageable size)

3/4" thick MDF spacer (possibly 1")

I found really quickly there is quite a range out there: Audiopipe will sell kits that are dirt cheap and look it, and JL seems much higher end but costs quite a bit more. I'm trying to figure out what's worth the money.

What would you recommend getting, and where would you recommend getting it?

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be advised that their klmx wire is copper clad aluminum. which doesn't have quite the currant capacity as normal copper. ie, go a little over kill on size if you go that route.

their Kolossus fleks Kable is NICE. same OEM as the high end kicker and PG cable.
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