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Looking for the best shallow mount 8" subwoofer out there. Looking to run one or possibly two in a sealed box underneath the rear seat of a 2021 F-150 SuperCab (extended cab, less room than a full crew cab)

I like TIGHT, punchy bass, not woofy overpowering bass.

Sub will be run off a kicker key 500.1 at either 300w @ 2ohms or 500w at 1ohm

I will build the enclosure to ideal cubic foot for the subwoofer but I'd prefer it be as small as possible. Something between .2 and .7 cubic feet or so.

Any thoughts on the kicker L7T-8?

Also, a single is better than two subs for SQ, right?
Getting the sound you want is all related to the alignment you get from the enclosure you build.

You need to define the "maximum" mounting depth and budget for this as well.

No, a single is not better than a double for SQ. With 8" Subs you need as many as you can fit for the cone area to get the maximum impact. My son's 2 x 8 (Morel H8.1) in a 1.5 cuft box ported at 38 Hz are very tight on 300W in a Extended Cab 1995 F150 and enough to rattle the mirrors but they have very little output below the tuning point so bass notes that drop in to the 20s are lost. So in reality that's not very SQ worthy since the tuning point is so high.

Are you more interested in low frequency extension or output and what volume level are you trying to achieve?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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