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Ok so as often happens I had some unexpected expenses which have shrunk my budget.

I have purchased an Alpine CDA 117 which I have yet to install. I also have purchased cheap speakers for now for the front doors to run off the head unit until I get the rest of the stuff together.

I feel like I want to go with the HAT Imagine 6.5 components, at $250 which is not too bad. Can you crank these speakers pretty loud on a decent amp? What is the most bang for my buck in terms of an amp/ audio processing. They have the Alpine Audio processor, is that any good?

Also what would be a good 4 channel amp to run the front components on? Or should I go with 2x2CH Amps?

And for the sub, I listen to rock and country mainly with a little rap sometimes, I want a really clean tight sub but then again I really want to stay pretty cheap, the active subs on amazon are looking really affordable but you guys are the experts.

Thank you all for the help and I don't really mind going used but I would like to get this done soon.

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