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DSP is a Helix. It outs out 500 ma.

As far as the DSP, it's brand new. Installed it into vehicle with relay hooked up properly (checked prior to hooking to DSP my sending 12v to the positive 86 leg of the DSP.

Turn on car, and nothing, dsp didn't power up. Amps didn't either

The dsp let connection to computer thru, I was able to set-up I/O menu, and xovers.

But as soon as you unhooked the USB from computer and turned car back on it wouldn't power up. As soon as you give it USB connection to PC, it would come on and stay on (but still won't or didn't send voltage out to it's remote output pin)

So I called msc and me and Larry trouble shot it for about an hour. We removed it from car, jumped power to remote in, and nothing. Only comes on after you hook it to 12v and you connect PC.

They determined it was a bad dsp, even had me look inside for any obviously burnt traces or components. Nothing was found out of the ordinary. They are giving me a demo model to replace it, as it's discontinued and they had nothing in stock on their end, and won't have any again, as the mark 3 is slated to come out

Only I have to wait, as the case for the demo replacement unit is very rough, and they won't send something with that physical condition to a customer.

So I'm sending it in and they are going to swap cases to my case with the demo DSP board.

Which I'm perfectly fine with, as msc Larry has bent over backwards helping diagnose that dsp with me that day, it was even after buisness hours and he provided me with his personal cell number if I had any more problems.

As far as the relay ruining it, it is speculation, as I didn't test unit prior to installing because it was brand new. But I bought it in January, and didn't install it till June 18th.

Could be coincidence, I dunno. I would think it should have powered up once at least as the collapsing magnetic field happens during relay shut down, and I didn't even get the first power up.

But based on the video of the gladen technician showing that the amps are only drawing about a milliamp to turn on I don't need a relay.
Are you trying to take load off the dsp to amps?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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