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Well being indecisive and wanting now to upgrade my HT.....Ugh never ending, i'm wanting to switch out my Vifa P17SJ's that are in mint condition for a pair of something in the 7" range that will be able to get low ~50hz or so with authority, and be able to blend in very seamlessly with my LPG 26NAFM's but i'd rather not use the Seas CA18, Which has the extension on the top end. I have a pair of them in my car and i love them, i'd just like to try another speaker from seas that would be very very nice for a low cost, and work really really well in home. Will be redesigning my sealed .3cf bookshelfs soon to a pair of Ported Towers, so this is the time to be choosing if i want to switch them out or not.

I would be willing to trade the P17SJ's if at all possible for something pretty nice that looks very nice and will sound completely awesome. Happy with midbass output, though i am trying to get more by porting them, i am looking for much more detailed midrange.

Ideas, Suggestions. Would like to trade if at all possible my Vifa P17SJ's or whatever to get a nice pair of mid's for the HT.
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