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I've had my OZ Audio CS180s for about 16 years now. They are tired and old and its time to replace them. For speakers, I've always come back to OZ Audio. Bad thing is they are out of business. I bought some Hybrid L6s and L1 Pro R2s but they are not going to fit without some majot surgery.

Any suggestions for a 6 1/2 comp set with a mid no deeper than 2.5" and a tweet no deeper than 1"? This set will be run active off a Sundown Audio 100.4. I'm not against a 5.25" comp as long as I can get some decent low bass extension. Not a huge deal since I have an AA Havoc 12 in the trunk.

Looking for something high end and mellow like the OZ Audio's...or the opposite of MB Quart.

I saw some Zapco Red 5.25" comps on ebay and also considering the DLS UP6i's. Any input on these or any other suggestions?
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