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I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica with the intermezzo 8 speaker 385 watt system composed of components in front, center, sub and coaxils in rear. Front speakers are blown and would like to upgrade the front and rear with good component system but use the oem amp at least for now to save bucks. It is one of those can or PCI bus amps that may have crossovers built in not sure.

Head check this idea:

Replace front comp and hook directly to oem amp outputs if crossover is internal to amp otherwise use speakers external c/o
Replace rear coaxil with comp (need to custom install tweets for rear) and take amp rear output to external c/o
Disable center or replace in future

Thinking about jl c5-650

I think the oem amp would have at least 35watts per channel for speakers but maybe way underpowered? Concerned about internal crossover or filtering in amp.

I could replace amp with 4.1 amp but don't I need a special breakout to get rca from oem hu for preamp outs to non oem amp? I found a can bus breakout for a 2005+ Pacifica but not sure if 2004 is the same maybe PCI???

Thanks in advance.
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