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Well overall, I think it was a success. I guess I'd give it between an 8.5 and a 9 out of 10.
So here the surprising, and the most interesting thing.... It sounds SO freaking musical !!! Really ! Tight and so clean.... Like I used to think could only be produced with 10"s or 12"s. I guess I know now for sure, that big subwoofers can really be as musical as small ones. This morning when I got up, I was thinking, "Well, if I can only play stuff with a lot of deep bass for it to sound good, fine, whatever. My car is my daily driver anyway, and it sounds super musical". Ha ! It played old school stuff, without a lot of bass, better than my 10"s did ! Very surprising.
And deep ? Holy $#@# ! So I have this test track that plays a constant 20 hz note, and OMG ! Everything just shakes, while there is (obviously, since I'm using PR's) zero wooshy port noise. Most awesome super low notes I've ever produced in a vehicle. Just freaking cool ! πŸ™‚ What I don't get, is that I have a subsonic filter on my amp, that supposedly cuts it off at 25 hz ? Well one way or another, it's getting enough 20 hz signal to shake the chit out of that truck !

Now, loudness... Yes, it gets loud... But on quick, snappy notes (read: kick drums) at high levels, it made some small pops πŸ˜• Now what's interesting, is that the last box with 15"s were doing the exact same thing, on the exact same notes ? I thought it was a bad voice coil....
But this time around, I'm "positive" it's neither over-excursion (the 20hz track flexed that 18" and those PR's rediculously, and zero popping, or anything bad) nor any problems with the voice coil, so honestly, I'm really starting to think my electrical system is just not able to deliver that spike of juice needed for quick snaps of a kick drum...
Now, I do have on my list of future upgrades, a much stronger alternator, and a few extra batteries.... However, I'm thinking that even before that, I might seriously benefit from a nice strong capacitor ?

BTW, my amp does have clipping indicators for each of the 5 ch, and yes, of course I do push it to the point of a little red flickering on occasion πŸ˜‰ But constant notes with light flickering (right at the clipping point) don't seem to hurt anything) while those instantaneous spikes do seem to be causing the popping... But are so short in duration, it's hard to even see the red light go on and off. Maybe at night you would see a 1/100th of a second flash of red ?

Anyway, I'm thinking a really easy fix might be a good, strong, capacitor ?
Going to look at those now.

Oh, one more thing... Yes, I'm still very interested in a DSP...
But my deck actually has a 13 band EQ, and by turning down the 62 hz band by about 6 DB's but leaving the 31 Hz flat, it's sounding about as balanced an un-peeky as I'm going to get it πŸ˜‰ ...until I get a DSP anyway.

Oh, and I do have that brand new Wolfram 2400.1 in the closet... Which will raise my wattage from 965 RMS to about 1400.... But I think I want to address the voltage spike issue first, as that will be causing even bigger spikes....

Anyway, pretty darn stoked with it πŸ™‚ Fits beautifully too. I'm a big guy, so I made sure I could have my seat all the way back, plus tilted back an extra notch from where I usually leave it. With my GF driving it, she will have about 1 ft of extra space πŸ˜€ lol

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