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Product Brand & Model:

Rockford Fosgate Power 650 Mosfet

Condition of all items:

nearly new (refurbished)

Total Price: :


Shipping Terms: :

actual shipping cost, UPS insured

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Additional info:

This amp has the more desirable 4 inch fan and matte-finish case. There are no marks on the front, and one scratch on the back which you can see in the above photo. The only thing that makes the amp look like its ever been installed are the distortions in the mounting tabs where a previous installer used screws with washers that were too small. Pound them flat with a block and mallet, or hide them under a proper bar-type washer

Several years ago I sent it to Freemans Roadgear for the Rockford-authorized refurb. The fan was replaced, new wiring harness installed, any sketchy parts they found during testing were replaced, and the amp went through a new burn-in process to make sure it was within spec. Its beautiful, you can use it to run small household appliances (true story), and it will hit just as hard and sound as good or better than the day it left Tempe.

I paid close to $180 for the refurb service (IIRC), and I still have the receipt for it. The service sticker is visible in the photo of the rear of the chassis. Its been sitting in storage since the day I got it back from Freemans.
Its time for me to get a new vehicle, so this must go. The buyer will be getting a killer deal on a near-virgin amp, a genuine piece of mobile hifi history.


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Here is some info I copied a while back from the RF Vintage Forum (before they closed their forums and moved to Facebook forums only :(). The 4" fan models are rare for Mosfet 650's...yes, you'll see a few around, but there are a limited # of them, whereas the small fan models are much easier to find.

Difference in Mosfet Power 650 Fan sizes:

Posted by O3SE2HEAR: 4/23/2008

I used to build the Power650's back in the day here at the factory. The smaller fans were made by a German manufacture and were being discontinued. So we had sourced in the larger fans from the same company we got the Power300 and Power1000 fans from. So to finish off the last of the Power650's, the top shroud and bottom fan flap needed to be retooled. There was definitely a very small batch that was left to be built out. There may have been some minor changes on the PC board as far as the fan circuit was concerned since the fan speed was variable depending on the heatsink temperature. I think the newer, larger fans ran much quieter too. The smaller German fans were a bit on the noisy side and hard to fit in the sheetmetal sometimes.

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For some reason a lot of people contacted me, asking for the price with shipping, only to never respond to PMs. Whats up with that?

It is a mystery...

I've returned to accumulating Proton gear lately, and it would be nice to get this RF 650 to a new owner. Bump to the top.
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