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Car: Cadillac STS
Headunit: Stock Nav Unit
Mids/Highs: Stock Bose 15-speaker
Sub Amp: TXI6006 (600 x 1 @ 4ohm)
LOC Converter: Audio Control LC2i

Budget: $200
Looking for adding bass to otherwise decent bose setup. I've pretty much narrowed it down to two different things:

Option A:
600w RMS dual 2 ohm in pre-fab'd, manufacturer spec enclosure
PUNCH Loaded Enclosures - P3-1X12 - Rockford Fosgate®

Option B:
Soundqubed HDS212
600w RMS D2
Belva pre fab'd enclosure tuned to 35hz
Belva 1SV12B 12-inch Vented Car Sub Box Made with 3/4" MDF and

I will absolutely not be building the enclosure myself. I'm only using the amp because it's leftover from another install. So out of those two, which one would you go with? I think Option A would possibly get better local resell once I've moved on from this car. Thanks.

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I am a fan of Soundqubed and would run those any day of the week. as the rockfords that I have heard left me hoping for a little more clarity.
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