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rookie from chicago area

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I am jason, I'm new to the audio SQ world. I found this site while perusing the interwebs for information on a build I am wanting to get going. This forum appears to have lots of useful information. I can't wait to share my experience from this build as well to learn as much as i can from those of you that have been in the trenches and are knowledgeable on all the facets and questions/issues that may arise during this build. I might as well let ypu know what the idea is now.. I have a 2014 cruze that i am going to build a front soundstage/ rear sub architecture with the following hardware:

Scanspeak 18W-453-G00 7" (4 ohm) in the front doors
Scanspeak D3004/6020-00 (4ohm) in the a pillars off axis
Mini DSP 2x4
12v isolator
Pac aa gm44
Two SVC peavey lowrider 18" subwooofers (wired to 4ohm) infinite baffle setup
Rockford T1500-1bdcp
Rockford T600-4
Doors to be sealed with ccf & mlv and a couple cld tiles.
Power to be supplied to the amps by 1/0 OFC 300A KICKER 09PKD1 with individual fusing per amp after the distribution blocks.
Amplifier remote signal wire relay to activate both amps..not sure yet, want to find a quiet relay to keep coil noise fown
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I will compile a list of my current questions on the proper subpage on this site this evening after work.
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