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RTA rentals or shops that offer the service...

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I was wondering if this board keeps a thread about local area shops or individuals that have/offer the use of their RTA's either for free/donation/charge. In particular, I'm looking for someone in the Chicago area that may be able to help me out, but I'm sure a master database of something like this could help a lot of others out as well. I know on the Audi forums they have a regional listing of people who have VAG tools to help diagnose car ailments for other members, so I'm hoping there is something like this here? Thanks...

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Cool, thanks for the link- I'll check it out!
most shops have them if there good if not check out the link this gentlemen posted i think i set mine up for under $150 it works up to 140 db's with the emc5000 or emc8000 mic. not sure which i got i would have to look. carries all the stuff to set it up i went with a cheap ubp801 or some thing like this mixer. 50 bucks each for the mic and mixer and like 10-20 dollars for the xlr cable and 10 buck for a dual rca to a 3.5 i think millimeter out jack to plug in to the head phone port on your computer or lap top. the soft were can be found at free version can be found up to a 1/24 scale else were do not ask me how or were cause do not know. just seen it used and used it for free
talk to 12velectronics on here. Tom is a great guy. He may not do it for free (you'd have to talk to him) but he'd definitely help you out. I know he has an RTA.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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