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Hi everyone, Here is a list of the things I have so far. I am wondering if I can still use it or will an upgrade be worth it.

Alphasonix 4' components
alpine type R 6.5 woofer
MB Quart add a woofer crossover.
Alpine MRX F30

I have a GTI which has a 3 way from factory. The alphasonix component was the only thing my stereo place had on hand. the 4'mids have no punch at all, is this normal? i have the amp crossover at around 100hz. anything less it will distort. the alpine is wired through the mb quart woofer crossover(50 - 500hz) the crossover on the amp is set at 80hz. They also ordered me a pair of earthquake 6.5 inch subwoofers which would replace the alpine 6.5 woofers. (arrive next week). I have 2 10' kicker subs which I like.

Before i knew it, i had Frankenstein for a system. I am debating on canceling the earthquake woofers and try to return the alphasonix for store credit. and ordering something on sonic electronix. the dls reference look ok as do the JL 3 ways, which is about as much as i want to spend. I can also just replace the alphasonix with a DLS 4' component and use the 6.5 earthquakes, but how would i cross over the earthquakes?

I am going to keep the stock HU, was thinking of getting Kicker KX3 (03KX3) electronic crossover. I currently have a cheap LOC.

any suggestions, advice, or criticism would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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The problem is you have all these different speakers and no way to make them work together. Crossovers, EQ, T/A, or even a well designed passive crossover.

Getting a 3-way component set will be cheaper than most other options. Of which is keep the speakers you have and buy the correct passives OR get a DSP unit like the MS-8.
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