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Hi everyone,

I've read through the user manual, tried contacting tech support at Sundown Audio (no response to phone messages or email), and have tried to search the internet for an answer to what is, I'm sure, a very simple question.

I have an SAX-1200d amp. I am contemplating the purchase of a JL Audio Stealthbox for my 2011 Convertible Camaro. The Stealthbox comes with 2 JL Audio 10W1v2-4 subs. They are SVC 4 ohm woofers. The SAX-1200d can push 720 Watts at 2 ohms, and obviously, I can wire the 2 subs in parallel and together, they will be at 2 ohms. Therefore, I assume each sub would receive 360 watts. (This is slightly higher than the 300 watts each sub is rated at. I'm assuming I just keep the gain down a little to prevent damage to the subs.)

However, the amp itself has 2 speaker outputs (A and B), and the user manual recommends wiring each sub up to a separate output. If I do that, what will the amp do?

Will it run each speaker at 4 ohms, only pushing a total of 360 watts (180 each)?
Will it essentially wire the subs in parallel, pushing 360 to each speaker?
Or will it wire the subs in serial, increasing the load to 8 ohms, screwing everything up?

Can someone verify my assumptions, and answer my question about the 2 speaker outputs on the SAX-1200d amp?


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