This was my original sub when this system started taking shape in August. I bought it from Madisound, originally looking for a shalllow-mount driver that i could put in an enclosure small enough to slip under my front seats. I used Madisound's dimension recommendations (i didnt have Bassbox 6 Pro at the time). Well, it ALMOST fit. Then i ended up with the Dynaudio Esotar2 1200 when audio tunnel vision set in. I like this sub; its pretty remarkable for such a tiny thing, and id love to put it in MY car (Im building the masterpiece for my wife, hoping to reconnect her with our love of music), but she wants to see some of that money come back, so, here we are.
Its an ugly box, but its built properly, from 3/4" MDF, clamps, and the best wood glue i could find. Its tightly filled with Acoustastuff.
I did have to steal 1 pair of terminals from it (1 pair for each VC) for the Dynaudio, but i can order a replacement.
Ill also throw in enough black box carpet to make it a bit more attractive. Thanks for looking.