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Looks like they finally released a big brother to the 10f that's so well regarded.

The fr shows breakup around 3khz as seen on all axes. THD from VC magazine (December 2011 edition) doesn't look too bad here, though, but notably has a 2nd order harmonic that rears it's ugly head and has nearly a 7.5% THD component tied to it at 800hz. That seems kind of nasty, given the audibility of distortion. *note, I'm not sure of mic distance but the test is shown at 110dB (1khz) which is loud. Might be something to keep in mind depending on your use.
Klippel data shows an xmax of 3.4mm (at 10% distortion) in Bl, and only 2.4mm limited by suspension (Cms).
In regards to pure FR, usability looks good to about 4khz on any axes, but after that it's just bad, IMO. Unlike the 10f, this certainly would not work in wideband application.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line. Wasn't sure if this has been noticed yet and I know a lot of folks here really like the 10f for what it is. This doesn't seem to have the same kind of nominal performance but at the price point of $57/each from, it might be worth consideration for a future build.

Solen Electronique Inc.

Since this has been Klippel'd already in VC mag, I don't think I'll bother to do it myself.
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