BNIB Stereo Integrity Tweeters M25 MKI were for my Audi, but leaving her stock for now. Price includes shipping.

I have a few items for sale all brand new raw drivers. I had the intentions of building these Apetura Swing Bookshelf speakers after hearing a pair. One of the best sounding bookshelves I've ever heard to date. Better than a lot of Kef, Buchardt, SonusFaber, Dynaudio etc... Mine of course would be clones active with a minidsp. Too many projects not enough time to build these speakers. All prices are shipped.

SEAS Prestige U16RCY/P (H1520-08) 6" Curv Cone Woofer($175/Pair)

ScanSpeak Discovery R2604/8320 1" Tweeter Ring Radiator($105/Pair)

Stereo Integrity Tweeters M25 MKI($105/Pair)

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