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Hi All,

I am making a little enclosure to hold a center channel and I'm using an old Polk component set I had in the garage (at least 4 yrs old) ... I would like to get a little thump and go as low as possible from it and am wondering if I should seal it up just like a sub box?? It will be about 7" x 7" MAX ... but I could add a spacer to it now to reduce the overall space behind the speaker (I have the front baffle and sides glued & drying and have not yet made the back)

Are there any general guidelines for these things or will it be different for each and every driver?? Will a sealed box perform better then one that lets air get to the back of the speaker (I could make a hole in the top if need be)

Thank you for any help or links you can provide ... I will continue searching the site

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