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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have a question that someone will hopefully be able to help me with. I have been in the low volt industry for a while now and built a sick system in my f150 quad cab. it consisted of:

1 t1 15" rockford sub
1 bd1000 monoblock amp
1 p400 2 channel hooked up with my f/r run parallel
1 set of kappa perfect component 5x7"
1 set of kappa perfect coaxial 5x7"
for a headunit, a deadhead eclipse cd7200 mkII
1 passport 9500i gps radar detector from escort

Anyhow, It was a nice system and I was very pleased with all of the equipment. I have been installing on cars and homes for about 15 years, and I chose all of this from my past experiences that were always positive with these brands. A month ago, my truck was broken into and all of the equipment was stolen. Very crappy! its the first time for me that a system was taken. I have repaired many many cars after the fact tho and the damage to mine was extreemely minimal. Ive see dashes cracked in half from crowbars and hammers ect lol so this wasnt bad. the only thing that the bastard crooks werent able to get out in time was the body of the headunit. they took the faceplate but now the rest of it. I contacted eclipse and was forwarded to their repair dept but they supposedly dont make them anymore and couldnt get one for me. Is there anyone in this forum that knows where I could aquire one of these faceplates so I dont have to throw my deck out? I would be forever grateful. the model again is

Eclipse Cd 7200 MkII and I need the faceplate only. not the whole deck. I would however consider buying another one of these if I could find one, I was a great sounding unit. I have heard that eclipse uses audiophile grade components in the IC circuit to improve sq ect. I believe it based on the difference in clarity. Anyway the coffee is kicking in cause im rambling. Thanks all for reading my post. and please give your input if it is benificial. peace
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