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Hello gang.

For purely midrange duty (~300-2.5khz), I'm looking at 3 Excel models

- w12cy
- w15ch
- w15cy

Just from the graphs, I'd think the w12cy is the best performer in this bandwidth, but the w15's would give me more flexibility if I wanted to cross lower than 300hz, and I'd assume a bit more output.

Between the w15ch and w15cy, I'm not seeing much of a difference. I like that the CH has the lightweight neodymium magnet assembly, but the CY still has slightly higher efficiency. Looking at the graphs, the CY might work slightly better.

I know npdang had a writeup with the w12cy in it; he also mentioned that he really liked the w15ch (and stressed that the midrange offered by this size of driver from the excel line surpassed any 7" driver he had heard).

Now, are there any direct comparisons between all 3 of these drivers? It seems they'd all work...

Specifically: [w15ch (vs) w15cy] vs w12cy

Any opinions are welcome, maybe npdang can chime in :D

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The regular w15 is probably your best bet. I really liked the w15ch with the neo motor, but objectively the w15 ceramic measures better and is cheaper. W12 is clearly not the best choice. It sounds noticeably more strained at higher output.

When evaluating drivers it's important to look at non-linear distortion and stored energy as well as frequency response.
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