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Tweeter: LPG 25nfa
Tweeter Amp: Zed Audio Gladius w/ BB (37.5 x 2 @ 8 ohms)
Mid: ?
Mid Amp: Zed Audio Deuce w/ BB (100 x 2 @ 8 ohms)
Sub: IDMAX12 (already have) but open to suggestions
Sub Amp: ? (~600 watts RMS, thinking about US Acoustics)

I can use the built in crossovers on the Zed amps to highpass the tweets up to 3.5k and bandpass the mids anywhere from 46hz to 3.5k (these x-overs are all 24db).

In my situation with the 25nfa tweet, will the G18 play smoothly to about 3.5k to mesh with the 25nfa? Or is the CA18 better suited for this? I like lots of impact in my midbass, but I also greatly appreciate very smooth vocals/midrange (and want to get the most detail out of my amps). And if you have any suggestions on my sub stage, let me know. Two Peerless or Dayton 12's are looking nice.

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Go with the G18... it's a nice mid that doesn't even need any crossover really. If it's not available, you're really not losing much by using the CA18.
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