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I'm trying to help a friend with the basics of where to set the crossover points and slopes. Any help is appreciated.

The vehicle is a 2005 Tacoma Double Cab, speakers will be mounted in stock locations in doors, properly deadened and MDF rings used. The tweeter will be mounted in the upper part of the door near the handle.

This is a picture of another friends truck(same doors)

The amps will be a Diamond D5300.2 on the tweeters(75 wats rms x 2 @ 4 ohms), and a D5300.4 bridged to the mids (150 watts rms x 2 @ 4 ohms)

The headunit is a Pioneer DEH-P960MP.

If it matters the subs will be two Arc 10D4's powered off a Diamond D5600.2

I know it will be different for every car, but what would be the general crossover points and the slopes?

I figured the mids play from 63hz to 2500 hz and the tweeters 2500 hz and up. Is that about the general area? What would be the proper slopes?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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