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I just picked up an '08 S2000, and have ordered the following equipment for my stereo install:

- Sony DSX-S300BTX HU
- Modifry DCI & harness
- Polk MM6501 speakers
- Dynamat door kit

I want the setup to be clean, simple, light, and take up as little space as possible - which is why I'm not getting external amps or a sub (at least yet). The other day, I walked into Best Buy to get some speaker harness adapters, and they had the Alpine IDA-X305S on clearance for $177. I love the looks, ease of operation, and Pandora functionality, but am not as thrilled about limited tonal control, lack of BT, etc., but I couldn't resist making an impulse buy at that price.

Now I just have to decide which HU to install, and which one to return. The way I see it:

Sony pros:
- built-in BT
- Tune Dock is a neat feature
- 7 band eq, time alignment, DSP sound engine, etc.
- no add-on modules, or iPod cables to run through the cabin
- can run a huge USB drive (64GB) inside the HU, and iPhone via BT or front-mounted USB port
- can stream audio as well as voice via BT

Alpine pros:
- ease of use/ergos are prob. best in the business
- control feels really high quality
- nice display w/ album art (but does it wash out in sunlight?)
- Modifry harness is plug 'n play
- I'm a Pandora addict - can still use it w/ the Sony, but it's integrated into the operation of this model

Alpine cons:
- need to buy separate modules for BT and Imprint if I want to match the Sony's built-in features (I know, Imprint goes beyond them) - that would get expensive, and require a lot of extra wiring/under-dash stuffing

I'm also reconsidering the Polk MM6501's. Would Massive CK6's work OK on a new Alpine/Sony HU's internal power? I have Polk MM6501's on the way, and am torn between their high efficiency vs. what I expect to be better SQ w/ the CK6.

Thanks in advance for advice from anyone who has experience w/ these components!

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Just a thought for you since it's an S2000. Ditch the bluetooth. I fought this losing battle in my Z4. Any decent roadster makes so much noise (even windows / roof up) that bluetooth is unusable. Get an earbud or high quality noise cancelling bluetooth headset instead.

With that thought, I'd run the Alpine!

I don't think I'd run the CK6's with just internal power either. I run the CK6 woofers in my setup, and I ended up up'ing the gain on their channels a bit. They like power, and they sound great when they get it. I don't know that they'd do nearly as well with the 20ish watts you'd get out of a HU. I think you need efficiency with HU power alone.
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