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I currently have a JL W3v3-2, Pioneer D8601 Amp, and an LC2i. I had the LC2i installed by a shop. The cone might be dying or the box might be shit, so I'm going to test out another box with it just to make sure it's the cone, and if it's the cone I might send it in for repair. In the meantime, I want a sub to ride with so I ordered this since my buddy has a pair and it's decent for the price.

I ordered a Pioneer 12" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer TS-W306R (350W RMS).

I'm trying to understand how to adjust the gain on the Pioneer amp, and the LC2i for this new Pioneer Subwoofer. I'm probably a little wrong but I wanna make sure I'm doing the right thing and not blowing a new cone.

1. Turn the gain on the Pioneer Amp all the way down, unplug rcas from Pioneer amp that goes into the lc2i.

2. Set headunit to 75%, play 50hz test tone

3. Turn up the bass knob on the lc2i until you see the maximize light, then turn it down a little.

4. plug in lc2i rcas back into pioneer amp. make sure subwoofer pos and neg is not connected to the pioneer amp.

5. use multimeter to check voltage on pioneer amp, in this case I should set it to 300W RMS * 4ohm = 1200 -> sqrt1200 -> 34.64v AC

6. set volume to 0, turn off car, plug everything back in, shit should work?
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