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Ok, im on the hunt for the perfect 6.5" driver for my setup. Ive been searching endless forums and cant make up my mind on what would suit my setup best.

My setup consists of CDT ES-02 tweeter/midranges playing from 250Hz up mounted on axis on the dash. A set of Rainbow SLX165 midbass drivers in the doors playing 50-250Hz. Originally these woofers were part of the Rainbow SLX265 Deluxe component set and were crossed over at 4250Hz. In the back Ive got a 12W6v2 filling in up to 80Hz.

Ive got everything ran active through my Bit Ten so I can change all crossover points/slopes if it will help (ive been reading that 63Hz is a better point for the midbass?).

Basically im open to any opinions and want some help deciding what i should do next in the midbass department!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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