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sharing with the passenger.

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Hi guys I would like to know if there any DSP out there or some tuning that can assist me in getting a stage that is ok for me and the passenger. The center need not be in the middle but slightly to the left of the steering wheel (right hand drive) and in front of the driver as opposite to door. This should be without a center channel ofcourse.

Im a firm believer that if I spend so much money on gear my passenger has to understand why.
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The MS-8 let's you create a calibration for the driver's seating position and three other seating positions. You can switch between these after the cal. You can also create one of them centered between the front seats, which would be a compromise for passenger & driver.

The DEH-80PRSheadunit also has a setting to shift optimal listening to other positions.

There are quite a few other DSPs that allow you to save multiple calibrations - you can set save them for different seating positions.
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