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Hey guys..

Well the weather finally warmed up a couple months ago and I was left with the dilema of trying to finish the Accord, or start and finish a system for my wife. Even though the Accord isn't finished cosmetically, the system itself has been running like a champ so onto the wife's car it is..... You all know the saying right "HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE :D"

So the goals for the system were really pretty straight foward. This is by no means any sort of competition level system. It's just something to provide better performance than what came stock.

I also wanted to use up some of the gear I have had just laying around. As of right now they system is comprised of a Pioneer AVX-H2500BT head unit (the only "new" piece of gear used), one pair of a/d/s/ 345is component speakers running actively off of four channels of an a/d/s/ PH30.2, and finally a single a/d/s/ A12s.2 running bridged of of the final two channels of the PH30.2

We'll start with the boring stuff first I guess :)

I didn't take too many pics of all the wiring and what not but here are a few anyway:

Originally I was going to keep the factory HU in place so here's the remote-lead ralay that I had installed a while back.


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Here's the oem HU:

I wanted a "cleaner look in the dash than what Metra or others offer for dash kits so I decide to go with an oem bezel which is used for the Navi option from Honda. This meant that I had to make my own brackets for the Pioneer DD which I did using 3/16" abs.

Here is the deck I'm referring to... this thing is fantastic for the $$ imo

and the oem bezel:

and here's the fabrication for the brackets:


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So the a/d/s/ amp worked well, but she was in pretty rough cosmetic shape. I figured I'd give her a new finish (after removing the factory powder coating)

Here's what she looked like before:

After 1 coat of "Air Craft Remover" and a quick sand with a wire brush:

2nd coat

3rd coat

4th and final coat

and a quick once over with a scuff pad and some acetone... I've always loved raw aluminum finish ;)

The internals didn't really need anything but I did apply new heatsink compound and Kapton tape

I then gave the amp a good clear coat over the raw aluminum and applied a fresh new a/d/s/ logo that a local print shop took care of me.

I personally like the look better than the original :)


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the amp refinishing is awesome. Can't wait to see the rest.

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Looks fantastic!! Can't wait to hear this or the Accord, which ever you drive down
Thanks buddy! Can't wait for the visit. We'll definitely be bringing the Accord. It's just a much nicer ride. I've missed it over past couple of months lol

Nice work Shawn,she's gonna love the HU.I have the X4500BT in my Accord and simply love it.
No doubt! It's been several years since I've been out of the industry. I can't believe how much the price has dropped on these nice decks. This thing would have easily been $800+ back when I was working :surprised:

Thanks for the compliment!

I was hoping you would post this build. Nice work as always.

Now get this done so you can restore my ZPA's :)

Thanks Eric! The system is done.. finally. I'll finish up this build log by the end of the night. I'll pm you soon regarding the ZPA's ;)

This is a ShawnK build. I'm subscribed because if he crimp caps 2 wires together somehow he does it with style.
HaHa! Well thanks man! :thumbsup:

Awesome job so far! Can't wait to see the rest.
Thanks Kelly! Can't wait to see the Power 650's up and running in your install ;)

right on dude!

looks really great so far :D

ADS logo is a real nice touch :)
Thanks Andy! Can't wait to meet you in person bud!

And thanks to everyone else for the comments. I like to see this Va. group chiming in! I'm sure I'll be meeting you all face to face in the near future ;)

More pics coming soon.... the good stuff :D
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