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So my car was stolen last week and I don't expect to be getting it back. Here is what I had so you can get an idea of what I'm coming from:

-'92 Integra
-Entire car treated with RAAMAT CLD and closed cell foam, much of car also with 1/8" mass loaded vinyl.
-Alpine CDA-117 deck w/ PXA-H100 sound processor
-Focal 165VB components with tweeters mounted in A-pillar pods, running active off a JL JX 360/4 amp
-One 10" JL W3v3 sealed sub with a JL JX 500 mono amp.

I don't have receipts for everything and I don't expect to be getting much from insurance, so most if not all the money will go towards a new car. I want to have decent sound, but there is no way I can replace this equipment or the effort that went into sound deadening it. I will be buying used or cheaper "bang for buck" equipment, and the only sound treatment I will be doing is leftover dampener and closed cell foam on my doors.

I came across a Hertz MLK-165 component set locally for $180 USD. I'm not sure if the owner knows what he has, as he calls them "Nertz". I have read a thread posted on this forum about counterfeit versions of this speaker HERE, and these ones seem legitimate from the photos. Here are photos of the set for sale: imgur: the simple image sharer

So my questions to anyone that is familiar with these speakers:

1. In general, how would this set compare to my Focal 165VB polyglass speakers?
2. I find most speakers (including my Focals) to be sibilant, so a "mellow" tweeter may benefit me. Would these fit that bill?
3. I doubt I will be able to afford an active-capable head unit. Are the crossovers on the MLK-165s decent enough that I won't be disapointed running them passive?
4. Apparently the tweeters in this set originally came with two different sized chambers. In the photos above, is that the small chamber attached to the tweeter, or is there no chamber in the photos at all?

Any input appreciated! Thanks
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