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Just looking for input from you guys that keep up with the "latest greatest".

It's been a minute since I dabbled in car audio. Last system I built was nearly two decades ago...

Soundstream, PPI, Phoenix Gold were setting the amplifier. Alpine was in every other car you looked in and Kicker was making a splash on the scene along with Rockford Fosgate's Punch series amplifiers.

MB Quart and Boston Acoustics were the thing to have for mids and highs.

Now.. I have no freaking clue who's a quality name brand any more. And by quality I don't mean money paid. I mean solid equipment.

Here's the simple setup.

Alpine CDA 9886 source unit

Two sets of Polk MM6501

Not sure on subs yet.. will be two 10" probably or maybe just one.

My question is on amps. I want a simple solution..5 channel amp.

I've been looking at amps in the 400 dollar range:
Polk Audio PA d5000.5
Alpine PDR-V75
Alpine MRX-V70
JL Audio XD700/5

Just looking for honest specs..

This stuff is going into a beat around the dirt roads truck. 2000 Chevy 2500

So I'm not looking for show car sound but I do expect decent reproduction without quality equipment.

I try to stay away from the nickel and dime stuff.. which back in the day was stuff like pyramid, sherwood, etc.

Thanks for any input offered!
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