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Hello people,
I'm thinking on my set up in the new car (BMW 330e - Hybrid) and my local installer offered me to go for the Sinfoni Grave (165x2 @4 Ohm). I'm thinking of using it to drive a pair of Morel Elates 603 LE.

In the old setup I had a Sinfoni Andante (95x2 @4 Ohm) - driving a pair of Morel Hybrid 602 and it sounded very good.

However, in another car I set up a pair of Morel Hybrid 602 driven by a Mosconi AS 200.4 and it sounds great as well, so I'm wondering if it won't be a better choice to sell my current Aldante, not buy the new Grave and just use the AS 200.4 (2 channels front and real - I need 4 overall).

Any thoughts or impressions would be great. Is the Grave any different to the Andante other then higher output?

thank you people!
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