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Hi there everyone. I was bored tonight and just started looking at some sub specs for smaller sealed enclosures since I'm in the market. Most, if not all, of the power ratings are based off of 4 ohm DVCs. These are also priced, for the most part, between $150 and $200, with a few a little less and a few a little more. I know there are a bunch more choices out there, but I would think this would be a good starting place for research for anybody looking for this type of option. Most of the options are also SQ subs from what I've read in the past couple weeks. I personally haven't heard any of these so this list is purely informational from my standpoint. I'm actually trying to narrow down what I want myself so post your favorites (SQ wise) from this list. I hope this helps some people (and me) out :)

Alpine SWR 10 1000rms .48-.93 cubic ft
Alpine SWR 12 1000rms .75-1.0 cubic ft
Boston Acoustics G3 10 375rms .5 cubic ft
Dayton Audio HO-44 10 600rms .55 cubic ft
Dayton Audio HO-44 12 700rms .49 cubic ft
Fi X 10 750rms .2-.4 cubic ft
Fi X 12 750rms .5-1.5 cubic ft
Fi SSD 10 1000rms .2-.4 cubic ft
Fi SSD 12 1000rms .7-1.2 cubic ft
IDQ10 500rms 1.1 cubic ft
IDQ12 750rms 1.0 cubic ft
Infinity 100.9 350rms .75 cubic ft
Infinity 120.9 350rms 1.0 cubic ft
JL W3 8 250rms .3 cubic ft
JL W3 10 500rms .625 cubic ft
Morel Primo 8 250rms .42-.08 (.61 optimal) cubic ft
Morel Primo 10 300rms 1.0 cubic ft
Polk MM 8 250rms .35 cubic ft
Polk MM 10 350rms .66 cubic ft
Polk MM 12 425rms .88 cubic ft
RE SEX 10 750rm .4-.65(optimal) cubic ft
RE SEX 12 750rms .75-.1.0(optimal) cubic ft
RE SXX 10 1000rms 1.0 cubic ft
Sundown SA-8 500rms .28 cubic ft
Sundown SA-10 500rms .55 cubic ft
Sundown SA-12 600rms 1.0 cubic ft
Sundown SD-2 8 300rms .25 cubic ft
Sundown SD-2 10 500rms .5 cubic ft
Sundown SD-2 12 500rms 1.0 cubic ft
TC Sounds Epic 10 500rms .25 cubic ft

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Not a dual coil sub, but probably one of the most overlooked for microenclosures (can go as small as .3 and still achieve Qtc of .707) is the Dayton HO 10" single 4 ohm.
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