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I am that final stage I think of my new 3 way and since I cant fiand any cdt 04's im down to these

tweeters LPG 25NFA 4KHZ and up 24 db slope
midrange?? 200HZ to 4KHZ 24db slope
Midbass peerless xls 8" 50HZ to 200hz 24 db slope

tweets/mids in the A pillars (aimed at the drivers left ear)

Option A

two of these in each pillar (so a total of four) sealed in the back, as the sensitivity is only 84db and 20W rms

NS4-255-8D1 4" Wide Range

frewquency response

Option B

2 vifa PL14WJ09-08 (one in each pillar) 5.5: mid


details line

click PL14WJ09-08 link

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OUCH THAT ATC is 500 EACH over at solen WHOA!!! lol


anyway Im pretty certain im goung dual ns3's

cheaper and easier to install

check these new tangband they look nice

titanion cone, and 88db, only 1.5 mm xmax though?

1) W3-1231SH

2) W3-1335S

Now while, I will say that while IM STILL LEARNING!!! OH sooooo true

this DIY speaker hunting stuff is rather fun :)

ima bonafied speaker geek LOL
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