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So. Cal Meet Saturday August 9

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Is there a way you could go by and snap some pics? :)

EDIT: Yeah looks like a nice place to give it a try. As long as sexy Senor Eng (dual700) decides to show up...I'm there. :D

Here's the link for Bella Terra:

7777 Edinger Ave # 133
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
I thought having the correct date might help.
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How about a meet in the Pasadena area? There is a very large hardly used parking lot near the Best Buy. A few choice places to eat and one of the best sandwich shops around is open on saturdays till 3pm and its with in walking distance of the parking lot and very close freeway access
Pasadena is hot as hell.:mad:
Its hot as hell in just about any place in So Cal on any given day.
Pasadena is not hot as hell, Chatsworth or Northridge now those places can get hot as hell. Even better Santa Clarita can get hot as hell
Granted its not the hottest, however, Pasadena is still Hot as Hell
hardly is wasnt even 80 today with a nice breeze, you must live in the OC bubble
Pasadena is HOT when a hot guy like you walking around :D
You make me feel so dirty Eng
Well the last meet was down in huntington beach maybe the next one should be closer up this way, just a thought.
OC seems to work out for all of us in So. Cal.
If it seems to work out for everyone in So Cal then why do you think I suggested something closer this way for the people who arent in OC?
1 - 6 of 483 Posts
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