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(SoCal Only) JBL P1024 w/ sealed enclosure

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Basically new JBL P1024 with premium built to spec enclosure (.75 cu ft). 1" thick MDF with black carpet, brushed aluminum sides, gold plated push terminals. This is in the same category as a Type R but actually has a 12 inch surface area thanks to JBLs Plus One technology. Also has kevlar impregnated paper cone for a more natural sound. Price is $150 I can demo it if you like. Also have box and manual and bought authorized. PM me if interested.

Pics here
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ygpm sir
Price lowered to $140...bump
You're asking A LOT more than what they can be had for on ebay and yours is used :( Boxes are cheap, build your own, but the .75 cf box that you have this sub in is wayyyy small. Check out WinISD.
I barely used this sub (I use a W12GTI MKII), it was supposed to be a gift for my bro and just been sitting in the closet. Crutchfield and JBL say .75 cu ft sealed is optimum and I will take their word for it. It sounds great nonetheless and anybody interested can hear it for themselves. I will say this thing does get low. And this is not the normal cheap prefab box...
Price doesn't seem ridiculous.
sell the sub without the box? if so pm me. i rarely frequent this forum, but i get a email when i get a message.
I have a local buyer checking it out this weekend...
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