I have a set of 3 Mosconi one's..The latest versions and literally like new (1 minor pinhead blemish on 100.6)
All 3 have about 5 months use and are 9.9 of 10 (very clean) in original boxes, plastic, manuals etc.
They're great amps, I wanted to switch to AB regulated to run a Thesis 3 way and sub to see if there would be a notable difference. Well there is a difference but not as much as would have hoped for considering the bump to ZAP AP's... These amps have surprisingly detailed highs and push out very solid transients, while maintaining a quite floor.

These were installed properly on a custom rack with rubber grommets. You cannot hardly see where the screws were holding it down. The only blemish is on the 100.6...on top..and about the size of the tip of a pen.

Mosconi One Series



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