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The Spring Cleaning Continues...

Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Audiophile Flagship Headphones (1st Gen)

600 ohm Semi-Open Back, Over-the-Ear Flagship German made Headphones.

Terminated with a male Neutrik Gold 4-pin Balanced XLR with included standard 1/4" TRS adapter. :)

9.5/10 EXCELLENT CONDITION, Lightly & Gently Used !!!

$1,000 Retail Flagship Headphones


$373 Shipped BLOWOUT SALE!!! o_O :)

Complete PHOTOS at:

Black 4-pin male Neutrik Gold XLR Balanced Connection (using original 3m/10ft straight cable) with the OEM Neutrik gold 1/4" TRS Adapter. See additional information below.

EXCELLENT 9.5+/10 Condition! Original Owner & Purchased at Authorized Retailer.

Besides their excellent SQ, these are probably the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned! The Velour ear pads are a very soft and plush. Ultra comfy. :)

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Cosmetic & Working Condition all around, including the Ear Cups, Ear Pads, Headband, Cable, etc.
  1. Original Box & Packaging Included (Original Owner from Authorized Seller).
  2. Original Aluminum Storage Case Included (LIKE NEW).
  3. Always kept in the aluminum case when not in use!
  4. Balanced XLR 4-pin Neutrik Gold Connection with adapter to the original Neutrik 1/4" TRS plug.
  5. Original Beyerdynamic "Curly-Q" cable wrap
  6. Smoke-Free & Pet-Free Household.

OEM Specs:

Nominal Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz
Transducer Type: Dynamic (Tesla driver)
Style: Semi-Open Back, Circumaural (Over the Ear)
Impedance: 600 Ohm
Nominal SPL: 102dB Sensitivity
Power Handling: 300mW
Max SPL: 126dB
Weight: 12.2 oz. / 346 g without cable
Connection: Neutrik Gold 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS plug (mod)
OEM Cable: 3m/10ft straight, Sommer Cable SC-Peacock Mk II


- PayPal accepted (price includes PayPal fees). No "Gift Payments"!

    • No Sales or Shipping Outside of U.S.A.
    • Will be Double-Boxed and fully INSURED with a Signature Required for Delivery.
    • Shipped within 1 Business day after receiving payment.
    • A Tracking # will be provided as soon as the Shipping Label is created.

*** If you can't reach me via PM, please EMAIL me:

bbfoto AT hotmail DOT com


Notes on the Balanced Cable Connection Mod
(cable end termination, not at ear cup entry):

This mod was performed by me using high-quality silver solder and utilizing the original, high-quality Sommer-Cable SC-Peacock Mk II headphone cable. This is an extremely high-quality cable that is used by the absolute best recording & mastering studios in Europe. There is absolutely No Reason to use any other cable.

I have been soldering and building audio and radio electronics since I was 12 years old...and I am old & gray now. :p i.e. This "mod" was done at a professional level.

This Balanced Cable Mod was done in order to take advantage of the Balanced Headphone Output of my OPPO HA-1 headphone DAC/Amp, which these T1 headphones sound absolutely incredible on! :) No other mods were performed.

The original 10ft (3m) headphone cable was cut approximately 6" (15cm) from the end of the original Neutrik gold 1/4" TRS connector.

Then a high-quality 4-pin male Neutrik Gold #NC4FXX-B connector was silver soldered to the cut end of the remaining 9'-6" straight OEM headphone cable.

To create a high-quality adapter back to the original single-ended 1/4" Neutrik TRS plug, a matching female 4-pin Neutrik Gold XLR connector was silver soldered to the remaining ~6" pigtail that had the OEM 1/4" TRS Neutrik Gold plug left intact on the OEM cable. (See photos).

With this mod, these headphones can be used with either a Balanced (differential) 4-pin XLR headphone amplifier output, or the original 1/4" TRS single-ended plug. A standard 1/4" TRS to 3.5mm TRS single-ended adapter (not supplied) can be used for 3.5mm (1/8") TRS devices.

Only Neutrik's highest quality #NC4MXX-B & #NC4FXX-B 4-Pin XLR Connectors were used for this mod (Black XLR Shell with Gold contacts) to match the existing Neutrik gold-plated 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS plug.

When the Balanced XLR connection is used, the overall cable length is less than 6" shorter than the 10ft OEM straight cable. When the XLR-to-1/4" TRS adapter is used, the overall Length of the cable is within 1.5" of the original.


I also have a set of GRADO SR125 open-back, lightweight on-ear Headphones with soft Yellow Sennheiser pads plus a spare set of original Grado pads for sale in EXCELLENT Condition. Please inquire if interested.

    • Pioneer Premier TS-C520PRS 5.25" Component Set - BNIB
    • Arc Audio 2100cxl Amplifier - Blown Channel
    • SB Acoustics Satori MR13P-4 (black cone) - BNIB
    • Phoenix Gold Rsd-12D Subwoofer - BNIB
    • Pioneer Premier DEX-P9 Head Unit & DEQ-P9 DSP w/ all Cables & Remote - Used 8.5/10
    • Aura Sound MR62 6.5" Gold Neo Midbass Drivers only - Used - 8/10
    • E.A.D. Jordan JX125NG 7" Midbass Drivers (updated) - BNIB...
Aura MR62...

E.A.D. Jordan JX125NG...



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Blowout Sale Price Reduction!

$373 Shipped !!! o_O

These are $1,000+ Flagship Headphones, folks! :)
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