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ORA Sound Graphene-Q wired & wireless Apt-X HD Bluetooth Headphones. BNIB
$499 MSRP


DETAILS: ORA Sound - GrapheneQ™

These are a unique set of SQ headphones that use bleeding-edge technology Graphene diaphragm drivers. The drivers were developed and optimized using 3D Laser Scans by Warkwyn, one of the premier transducer testing facilities in the world.

Justin Zazzi also purchased these and is extremely impressed with them. And Jason (bertholomey) also had the opportunity to listen to these and gave favorable impressions.

I purchased 3 pairs of the ORA Sound Graphene-Q (GQ) headphones during the 2nd round of ORA-Sound's crowd-funding campaign and I am keeping TWO of them (one as a backup because I absolutely love them).

So I have ONE extra Graphene-Q headphone set that is BNIB and available if anyone is interested. :)

You can search my posts in the ORA Sound Graphene-Q thread on the Head-Fi forums for my detailed impressions...basically Extremely Good! ;)


These are closed-back headphones which offer excellent isolation, and IMPO are one of the most comfortable headphones that I have owned out of several mid-range and high-end models.

I use them for both Casual & Critical listening, and I wear my current pair for 3-4 hours straight on a regular basis with no physical discomfort or listening fatigue. That is rare!

The playback of my home studio recordings on these sound EXACTLY like my live, in-room drums and saxophone. :)

IMO the soundstage and imaging also does not suffer from being a closed-back design. These offer incredible pin-point imaging and soundstage on well-recorded material! The space between instruments and their location in the soundstage is excellent.

The overall SQ is spectacular, especially at this price point, and they respond extremely well to EQ to satisfy your particular preferences.

The bass in particular is extremely fast, deep, and detailed, and that's not to say that the midrange and treble are lacking in any way. ;)

The headphones can be used wired or wireless.

They have excellent Bluetooth features including APT-X HD and a built-in noise-cancelling microphone for Hands-Free cellular calls.

In BT mode, all functions are controlled via Touchpad Gesture Control on the right earcup which includes:

Track Playback (Previous/Next), and Volume.

Both Pause & Play and Hands-Free calls are answered or initiated via a temporary push of the centered, physical power button on the opposite earcup...very convenient.

The headphones use a standard 3.5mm (1/8") stereo miniplug jack on one earcup and come with an included 1m long, 3.5mm cable which is excellent IMO...good quality, non-tangling, rubberized jacket that is just the right length for portable use.

And the standard 3.5mm stereo miniplug jack makes it easy to use an upgraded aftermarket cable if so desired. :)

Charging for Bluetooth is done via a USB Type-C female jack on one earcup and the included 1m male USB-A to USB Type-C cable.

I find the included earcups to be extremely comfortable, but there are also many different types of aftermarket & upgraded Ear Pads that will fit these as well. Check the Ora Sound Graphene-Q thread on for details.

The MSRP on these is $499. HOWEVER, from what I can gather, ORA Sound is NOT planning to continue production on these, so they will not be available in the future, and are somewhat of a Unicorn!

PRICE: $274 USD, Shipping Included, CONUS only.

I will ship via Insured U.S.P.S. Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box with Signature Required so they will be triple-boxed for FAST & SAFE shipping.

EMAIL me if interested at:

bbfoto (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

I DO NOT check my PM inbox here regularly, so you might miss out on a good deal if you do not EMAIL me! (I travel A LOT and Email is way more reliable for me).

I will only sell & ship within the CONUS. Alaska & Hawaii at an additional, minimal cost.

Payment via PayPal with a CONFIRMED ADDRESS only.

You can email for photos, but they are SEALED in the original ORA Sound shipping box. I will upload some photos of my used pair later this evening.

The photos on the ORA Sound web site show exactly what you will receive.

Thanks for looking.

- Billy B.

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Wow, nice score! :) Hopefully they're in good condition.

If they haven't been used yet, they generally
need a bit of break-in. When you first listen to them the bass might seem overexaggerated or bloated. This mellows out with time, and they smooth out overall in a week or so of use.

They are 32-ohm and easy to drive even with most smartphones, and most people agree that the overall presentation is better when used wired to the source. But I think they sound great via BT as well, especially when connected via Apt-X HD.

Getting the fit and clamping force right with these is important to get the best and most balanced sound.

NOTE: You can bend the headband open (wider & looser) or closed (tighter) for the best clamping force on your head & ears, BUT ONLY do it by grasping the HEADBAND itself!

DO NOT try to bend, widen, or compress the headband by handling them by the Earcups or Yolks!

Where the headband attaches to the yolks/earcups (the narrow stem) is a bit of a weak point. They aren't necessarily fragile, but you don't want to put too much stress at the yolk/headband junction.

Loosening the clamping force will reduce the bass a bit. For me, they were a just a bit too tight on my head right out of the box for comfort as well.

Try different up/down positioning on your ears, too. I like them with the headband angled slightly towards the top back of my head, and the yolks extended as little as possible for comfort and sound. That might seem a bit unintuitive, but it works for me.

This is just me being nitpicky, though. LOL. I think you'll enjoy them!

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Just got them today with an opened box but they look pretty much unused :)

The fit seems fine so far and they're light enough to quickly forget about. I've played a few lossless files over bluetooth from an iPhone X which lacks APT-X and I can hear that in the upper treble but mids are expressed with startling ease. It's as if the sound doesn't have to struggle with any physics to be heard and I have almost zero ear fatigue after an hour.

I'll leave bass analysis for after they break-in and have some brutally revealing neutral studio headphones for comparison to see if the Graphene-Q boosts it. I've tried a lot of the high end models from Sennheiser, Sony, Beyerdynamic, Grado, etc. so have references and a relatively discerning ear. These aren't going to beat them all but I would love to have a few models to test right now because I think Ora's stands against some more than three times the price.

Nice! Glad to hear they're in good condition. :)

I'd be interested in your impressions compared to your other headphones once you've spent some time with them.

What DAC & Headphone Amp are you using?

Thanks again and glad that I was able to make these known to you.

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When using them for a call, do you need a mic on a cord or do the headphones have a built-in microphone to pick up your voice?
The headphones have a built-in mic in one of the earcups for Bluetooth hands-free wireless calls without the cord.

The included cord does not have a mic, and the microphone in the headphones will not work when using the cord. The mic only works via BT.

The headphones use a standard 3.5mm stereo male-to-male TRS miniplug cable, so a 3rd party 3.5mm to 3.5mm male cable with an in-line microphone in it might work for calls while using the cord...

I haven't tried this, so YMMV.
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