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Listing a pair of Hertz ML700.3 midranges for sale.

I got them from Civol1255 here on the forum. I used them for about a month in the factory dash locations in my truck. The reason I'm selling is because they didn't sit all the way down into the dash openings ( a vent duct inside the dash prevented this ).

They were not driven to extremes or mishandled in any way. There actually aren't any marks on them. Civol1255 soldered the wire pigtails on them well. No problems with connections.

I will include custom made mounts for the buyer's application . My work with this kind of thing can be found by doing a search on the forum.

Price is $275 shipped. I prefer PayPal Friends and Family for payment method. These will be double boxed and packaged to be bomb proof and shipped via UPS Ground so there will be tracking info updates.

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I can guarantee this guy packs like no other! And his mounts are top notch too! Buy without worries from @DeLander!!! GLWS
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