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Manufacturer/Model Number:
Illusion Audio C3CX
Phoenix Gold TI3X12 D4

Price & Shipping Terms:
$225 on C3CX
$350 on 12s

All of it does NOT include shipping & fees.

Condition of Each Item:
Selling a pair of C3CX biamped coaxials (one has blown tweeter) with passive crossovers. Probably the best speakers in its' class. Great to have as a project (I know a drop in tweeter) or to have as a spare.

Also have a pair of Phoenix Gold TI3X 12s, D4. They are 1200rms and they will gladly take more. I had them in a ported box playing from around 18 to 50 on a 4k and it played it no problem. They come with the sealed box (39x15.5x15.5).

Located in Warner Robins. No trades, cash only. Offer up - the worst I can say is no.

Image(s) of each Item: (Your image, not someone else's)
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